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New Year, New Ideas, New Opportunities: Navigating the Bitcoin Job Market

New Year, New Ideas, New Opportunities: Navigating the Bitcoin Job Market

Hello Frens!

As we embrace the dawn of a new year, filled with a burst of interest, possibilities and opportunities, many Bitcoiners find themselves pondering a shift towards working in Bitcoin. This blog post aims to explore viable pathways into the industry, addressing common concerns and introducing a promising project, Bscout, designed to connect Bitcoiners and foster collaborative ventures.

Exploring Pathways into the Bitcoin Industry

1. Jobs Boards: The Old Tech Dilemma

When contemplating a career in Bitcoin, the conventional route is scouring job boards. However, this approach has its drawbacks. Job boards, often perceived as "old tech," lack innovation. The process is one-way, with applicants facing a lack of insight into role requirements. Moreover, transitioning to a young industry like Bitcoin involves risks, including leaving a secure position and the psychological hurdle of a potentially reduced income. This perceived instability often deters individuals from taking the plunge.

2. Attend Meet-ups and Conferences: An Active Strategy

For those seeking a more hands-on approach, attending Bitcoin meet-ups and conferences is an active strategy. These gatherings provide a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community. However, this strategy is time-limited, dependent on event schedules, and can be challenging for those less inclined towards networking. The element of luck in meeting the right people further complicates the process.

3. Collaborate and Create: Bscout's Innovative Solution

Recognising the need for a coordinated platform, Bscout aims to bridge the gap in the Bitcoin ecosystem. By bringing together diverse skill sets, Bscout seeks to facilitate collaborative ventures, making the "better together" scenario a reality. The platform will serve as an online directory of Bitcoiners, showcasing not only commercial skills but also personal interests and hobbies. This community-driven initiative envisions connecting ideas, tasks, projects, and teams, fostering positive contributions to the evolving Bitcoin ecosystem.

Join the Bscout Movement - A Community-Driven Hub for Bitcoin Opportunities

The team at Bscout, comprised of passionate Australian-based Bitcoiners - @bi_t_crispy, @bayanimills, and @HodlScout - envisions building a hub for Bitcoin opportunities and businesses “firstly” in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region. If you're a Bitcoiner in the region, we invite you to subscribe and be one of the first users in our upcoming beta version, where your valuable feedback will shape the development of a robust and feature-appropriate platform.

We extend our genuine thanks to the Bitcoin community. Your interest, passion, and collaboration are the driving forces behind the Bscout project. Here's to a new year filled with new ideas, new connections, and boundless opportunities in the world of Bitcoin.

Thanks in advance Frens,


The Bscout team